Fall Threads

Who else is ready for fall?  I’m so excited for fall fashion.  Blog Hoppin’ did their Teacher Week this week.. #bhteacherweek16 Thursday is Teacher Threads Day!  I am excited to share my tips and style ideas for fall! My top fall items are…  Bomber Jackets!  I saw a rose gold one from TopShop.. to die for! Black Jeans-  Black jeans go with so many things.  They … Continue reading Fall Threads

5 Teacher Target Deals

Who doesn’t love going to Target?  We walk in.  We see the dollar bin.  We try to avoid the mess of cheaply priced items that have no business going home with you. BUT WE CAN’T!  Here are 5 items to never pass up on at #targetdollarspot.  Stickers-  Every teacher needs stickers.  Stickers for prizes, great behavior, or A+ papers!  I always need stickers. Thank you … Continue reading 5 Teacher Target Deals